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 2022-11-09 04:11  

The Little Prince

-- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Extracted from The Little Prince, which is written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The excerpt is from the 43rd page to the 65th page.

The 43rd page to the 65th page:

The little prince visits the king. He found himself in the neighborhood of the asteroids 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, and 330. He began, therefore, by visiting them, in order to add to his knowledge.

The first of them was inhabited by a king. Clad in royal purple and ermine, he was seated upon a throne which was at the same time both simple and majestic.

'Ah! Here is a subject,' exclaimed the king, when he saw the little prince coming. And the little prince asked himself: 'How could he recognize me when he had never seen me before?' He did not know how the world is simplified for kings. To them, all men are subjects. 'Approach, so that I may see you better,' said the king, who felt consumingly proud of being at last a king over somebody.

The little prince looked everywhere to find a place to sit down; but the entire planet was crammed and obstructed by the kings magnificent ermine robe. So he remained standing upright, and, since he was tired, he yawned.

'It is contrary to etiquette to yawn in the presence of a king,' the monarch said to him. 'I forbid you to do so.' 'I cant help it. I cant stop myself,' replied the little prince, thoroughly embarrassed. 'I have come on a long journey, and I have had no sleep...' 'Ah, then,' the king said. 'I order you to yawn. It is years since I have seen anyone yawning. Yawns, to me, are objects of curiosity. Come, now! Yawn again! It is an order.' 'That frightens me... I cannot, any more...' murmured the little prince, now completely abashed. 'Hum! Hum!' replied the king. 'Then I-- I order you sometimes to yawn and sometimes to--' He sputtered a little, and seemed vexed.

For what the king fundamentally insisted upon was that his authority should be respected. He tolerated no disobedience. He was an absolute monarch. But, because he was a very good man, he made his orders reasonable.

'If I ordered a general,' he would say, by way of example, 'if I ordered a general to change himself into a sea bird, and if the general did not obey me, that would not be the fault of the general. It would be my fault.'

'May I sit down?' came now a timid inquiry from the little prince. 'I order you to do so,' the king answered him, and majestically gathered in a fold of his ermine mantle. But the little prince was wondering... The planet was tiny. Over what could this king really rule? 'Sire,' he said to him, 'I beg that you will excuse my asking you a question--' 'I order you to ask me a question,' the king hastened to assure him. 'Sire-- over what do you rule?' 'Over everything,' said the king, with magnificent simplicity. 'Over everything?' The king made a gesture, which took in his planet, the other planets, and all the stars. 'Over all that?' asked the little prince. 'Over all that,' the king answered. For his rule was not only absolute: it was also universal. 'And the stars obey you?' 'Certainly they do,' the king said. 'They obey instantly. I do not permit insubordination.'

Such power was a thing for the little prince to marvel at. If he had been master of such complete authority, he would have been able to watch the sunset, not forty-four times in one day, but seventy-two, or even a hundred, or even two hundred times, with out ever having to move his chair. And because he felt a bit sad as he remembered his little planet which he had forsaken, he plucked up his courage to ask the king a favor: 'I should like to see a sunset... do me that kindness... Order the sun to set...' 'If I ordered a general to fly from one flower to another like a butterfly, or to write a tragic drama, or to change himself into a sea bird, and if the general did not carry out the order that he had received, which one of us would be in the wrong?' the king demanded. 'The general, or myself?' 'You,' said the little prince firmly.

'Exactly. One much require from each one the duty which each one can perform,' the king went on. 'Accepted authority rests first of all on reason. If you ordered your people to go and throw themselves into the sea, they would rise up in revolution. I have the right to require obedience because my orders are reasonable.'

'Then my sunset?' the little prince reminded him: for he never forgot a question once he had asked it. 'You shall have your sunset. I shall command it. But, according to my science of government, I shall wait until conditions are favorable.' 'When will that be?' inquired the little prince.

'Hum! Hum!' replied the king; and before saying anything else he consulted a bulky almanac. 'Hum! Hum! That will be about-- about-- that will be this evening about twenty minutes to eight. And you will see how well I am obeyed.'

The little prince yawned. He was regretting his lost sunset. And then, too, he was already beginning to be a little bored.

'I have nothing more to do here,' he said to the king. 'So I shall set out on my way again.' 'Do not go,' said the king, who was very proud of having a subject. 'Do not go. I will make you a Minister!' 'Minister of what?' 'Minster of-- of Justice!' 'But there is nobody here to judge!' 'We do not know that,' the king said to him. 'I have not yet made a complete tour of my kingdom. I am very old. There is no room here for a carriage. And it tires me to walk.' 'Oh, but I have looked already!' said the little prince, turning around to give one more glance to the other side of the planet. On that side, as on this, there was nobody at all...

'Then you shall judge yourself,' the king answered. 'that is the most difficult thing of all. It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. If you succe










国王对他说:“在国王面前打哈欠是违反礼仪的,我禁止你这样做。”“我忍不住要这样做,我无法阻止自己,”小王子尴尬地回答。“我已经经历了一个漫长的旅程, 还没有睡觉呢hellip;hellip;”“啊, 那么,”国王说,“我命令你打哈欠。我已经很多年没看到有人打哈欠了。对我来说,打哈欠是件惊奇的事。来吧,现在!再打一次哈欠!这是一个命令。”“这让我有点害怕hellip;hellip;我打不出哈欠了hellip;hellip;”小王子害羞的喃喃道。“嗯!嗯!”国王回答道,“那么,我--我命令你有时打哈欠, 有时—” 他嘟囔着,似乎很烦恼。



“我可以坐下吗?” 小王子腼腆地询问了一下。“我命令你这样做,”国王回答了他,并且庄重地把他的貂皮礼服挪动了一下。这个星球很小。这个国王到底能统治什么?“陛下,” 小王子对他说, “请您原谅,我想问您一个问题—” “我命令你问我一个问题,”国王赶紧向他保证。“陛下---您统治什么?” “统治一切,” 国王简单的说。“一切?”国王做了一个手势,指着他的星球、其他行星和所有的行星。“这一切?”“这一切,” 国王回答。因为他的统治不仅是绝对的,而且是普遍的。“这些行星服从您吗?”“他们当然服从,” 国王说。“他们得立即服从。我不允许违抗命令。”






“我在这里没有更多的事情可做,” 他对国王说。“所以,我要继续我的旅行了。”“不要去,” 国王说,他非常自豪有一个臣民。“不要去。我会让你成为一个大臣!”“什么样的大臣呢?”“掌管正义的大臣!”“但有这里没有人可以让我管!” “我们只是不知道而已,”国王对他说。“我还没有对我的王国进行彻底的访问。我很老了。这里没有地方放马车。而走路对我来说太累了。” “哦,但我已经看过了!”小王子转身又看了一眼星球的另一边说。“在那边,就像在这边一样,根本没有人hellip;hellip;”

“那么你可以自己管理自己,” 国王回答。“这是最困难的事情。管理自己比管理别人要困难得多。如果你成功地正确地管理自己,那么你确实是一个真正有智慧的人。”

“是的,” 小王子说,“但我可以在任何地方管理自己。我不需要生活在这个星球上。”“嗯!嗯!”国王说。“我有充分的理由相信,在我的星球上的某个地方,有一只年老的老鼠。我晚上听到他的声音。你可以管理这只老鼠。你可以不时地把他判处死刑。因此, 他的生命将取决于你的审判。但你要节制的使用他,判刑后要赦免他。因为他是我们唯一的一只老鼠”。


“如果陛下希望得到迅速的服从,” 他说,“他应该给我一个合理的命令。例如,他应该命令我在一分钟内离开。在我看来,这样的条件是成熟的hellip;hellip;”



“啊!啊!”当他第一次看到小王子来的时候,他从远处喊道:“我即将接待一个崇拜者的来访!”因为,对虚荣的人来说,所有其他人都是崇拜者。“早上好,”小王子说,“你戴着一个奇怪的帽子。” “这是一顶用来敬礼的帽子,” 爱虚荣的人回答。“当人们称赞我的时候,我就用帽子向他们致意。遗憾的是,没有人经过这里。”“是吗?”小王子说,他并不知道这个爱虚荣的人在说什么。“拍拍你的手。” 爱虚荣的人对他说。小王子就拍起手来。爱虚荣的人用他的帽子向小王子致意。


过了五分钟,小王子厌倦了这单调的游戏。“应该怎么做才能让你的帽子掉下来呢?”他问。但爱虚荣的人没有听到他的声音。贪慕虚荣的人除了赞美什么都听不到。“你真的很佩服我吗?” 他问小王子。“这是什么意思--lsquo;佩服 ?”

“佩服意味着你认为我是这个星球上最漂亮、穿得最好、最富有、最聪明的人”“但你是你星球上唯一的人!” “让我高兴吧。像刚才一样佩服我吧。” “我很佩服你,” 小王子耸耸肩说,“但这是为神马让你这么感兴趣的呢?”

小王子离开了。“大人真的很奇怪,” 他一边继续旅行,一边对自己说。

下一颗行星上居住着一个酒鬼。这是一次很短的拜访,但却使小王子陷入了深深的沮丧之中。“你在那里干什么?” 他对酒鬼说,他发现酒鬼沉默地坐在那里,面前摆放着许多酒瓶,有的是空的,有的是满的。“我在喝酒,”酒鬼闷闷不乐地回答。“你为什么喝酒?” 小王子问道。“这样我就可以忘记了,” 酒鬼回答。“忘记什么?” 小王子问道,他已经为他感到有些难过了。“忘了我感到羞愧,”酒鬼低头坦白道。“羞愧什么?”“羞愧于喝酒!” 酒鬼结束了他的讲话,陷入了深深的沉默中。小王子迷惑不解地走了。“大人真的非常非常奇怪,” 他一边继续旅行,一边对自己说。




“在我居住在这个星球上的五十四年里,我只被打扰过三次。第一次是二十二年前,一些晕头鹅从天知道是哪里掉了下来,发出了可怕的声音,到处都可以听见。这让我在加法中犯了四个错误。第二次,十一年前,我被风湿病的发作打扰了。我没有得到足够的锻炼,因为我没有时间闲逛。第三次,好吧,就这样!我是说,那么, 五亿一百万—”

“几百万的什么?”商人突然意识到,在回答这个问题之前,他不可能回归平静。“几百万的这些小东西,” 他说,“人们有时在天空中看到这些东西。”“苍蝇?”“哦,不。是会闪闪发光的小东西。”“蜜蜂?”“哦,不。这是使懒惰的人胡思乱想的金色小东西。至于我,我是个严谨的人。在我的生活中没有时间去胡思乱想。”



“富有对你有什么好处呢?”“这让我有可能买更多的星星,如果还有星星被发现的话”“这个人,”小王子对自己说, “理由有点像那可怜的酒鬼hellip;hellip;”

不过, 他还有一些问题。“一个人怎么可能拥有星星呢?”“那它们属于谁?”商人生气地反驳道。“我不知道。或许不属于任何人。”“那么它们就是属于我的,因为我是第一个想到这个问题的人。


“是的,这倒是真的,”小王子说。“但你用它们做什么呢?”“我管理它们,” 商人回答。“我数一数,再数一数。这很难。但我是一个天生严谨的人。”小王子仍然不满意。“如果我有一条丝巾,” 他说,“我可以把它戴在脖子上,带走。如果我有一朵花,我可以摘下那朵花,带走它。但你不能从天上摘下星星hellip;hellip;”

“不。但我可以把它们存在银行。”“这是什么意思?”“这意味着我把我的星星的数量写在一张小纸上。然后我把这张纸放在抽屉里,用钥匙把它锁上。”“这就是全部吗?”“这就足够了,” 商人说。“太有趣了,” 小王子想,“这是相当诗意的。但是它不算什么重要的事。”

关于什么是重要的事,小王子的想法与大人的想法有很大的不同。“我自己也有一朵花,”他继续和商人谈话,“我每天都给它浇水。我拥有三座火山,我每周都会清理 (我连死火山也清理;谁也不知道它会不会复活)。我拥有花和火山,这对我的火山有一定的用处,对我的花也有一定的用处,但对你的星星没有用hellip;hellip;”



当他到达这个星球时,他恭敬地向点灯人敬礼。“早上好。你为什么灭了路灯呢?” “这些都是命令,”点灯人回答。“早上好。”“什么是命令?”“命令是把我的灯熄灭。晚上好。”他又点了灯。“但为什么你又点燃它了?”“这些都是命令,” 点灯人回答。“我不明白,”小王子说。“没什么好理解的,”点灯人说。“命令就是命令。早上好。”


“从那时起,命令就改变了吗?”“命令没有改变,”点灯人说。“这就是悲剧!每年,行星的转动速度都会更快,但命令却没有改变。”“那又怎么样呢?”小王子问。“于是, 现在这颗行星每分钟转上一圈,我已经没有一秒钟的时间可以休息了。每隔一分钟,我必须点燃我的灯,然后把它熄灭!”

“这真好笑!一天只持续一分钟,你住在这样的地方耶!”“这一点也不好笑!” “现在在我们说话的过程中,一个月已经过去了。”“一个月?”“是的,一个月。三十分钟。30天。晚上好。”他又点了灯。


“你知道,” 他说,“我可以告诉你一个方法,只要你想休息hellip;hellip;”“我总是想休息,”点灯人说。






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