Tragic women under the Androcentrism——A Feminist Interpretation of Moon and Sixpence 男权重压下的悲苦女性——《月亮与六便士》的女性主义解读任务书

 2020-02-18 03:02

1. 毕业设计(论文)主要内容:

This paper mainlyfocuses on the interpretation of women characters in The Moon and Sixpence toanalyze the intention and cause of Maugham’s androcentrism tendency. In thefirst part, the paper will introduce the main content of the novel and the arrangement of the whole paper. In the second part, it will analyze the three main femalecharacters and their similarities in terms of feminism and phallogocentrismperspectives. In the third part, it will demonstrate the connection betweenMaugham’s androcentrism and his original family together with his personal experience. Throughthe analysis, this paper aims to further deepen people's reflection on thepatriarchal society and thus to call for a true equality between the two genders.

2. 毕业设计(论文)主要任务及要求

1. search various resources to identify the topicfor the paper.

2. collect data and materials for the paper andwrite the paper on schedule.

3. the paper should give an elaborate andexhaustive research on the given topic with independent work.


3. 毕业设计(论文)完成任务的计划与安排

before 1st january : settlement of the title

before 1st march: submission of the outline

before 15th april : submission of the first draft


4. 主要参考文献

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[2] qinhong. pessimistic and radical views on marriage in maugham’s works [j], journalof yangtze university. 2008 (3):101-103.

[3] 苏玲. 俗人·恶人·野人——从《月亮和六便士》女性形象的存在主义解读看毛姆妇女观[j]. 攀枝花学院学报. 2004(3):53-54

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