An empirical study of a SPOC embedded flipped classroom model for college English-major Writing Course: The perceptions of students(大学英语专业学生对SPOC嵌入式翻转课堂模式应用于英语写作课程看法的实证研究)开题报告

 2020-02-18 07:02

1. 研究目的与意义(文献综述)

thispaper aims to examine students’ perceptions of spoc embedded flipped classroommodel within an undergraduate writing course and the factors influencing theirperceptions. the results indicate that the majority of the 112 studentscompleting the evaluation preferred the spoc flipped method compared withtraditional pedagogical strategies.

learning to write is fundamental to becoming literate, andproficiency with writing is crucial to academic achievement and employment, andteachers are in a position to influence pedagogy. as such, it is important tobe well-informed about students’ attitudes so as to provide a better writinginstruction supported by spoc embedded flipped classroom model.

although there is general consensus that the impact of spocembedded flipped classroom model is significant, some disagreement exists abouthow to identify such influence. while some researches(zappe, leicht, messner,litzinger, amp; lee., 2009) have focused on the content of the course, it isacknowledged that students’ perceptions about the flipped classroom model arealso a critical factor. the research seeks to figure out the attitudes held bystudents who are in the spoc embedded flipped classroom environment.


2. 研究的基本内容与方案

theenglish major writing course of wuhan university of technology used such anapproach which provided students with more active learning strategies toprepare students for in-class activities, so as to facilitate interactionbetween students and teachers, and differentiated learning, such as small groupproblem-solving, peer evaluation, the use of technology, presentations anddiscussions. based on previous findings and gaps in the literature, this studyaims to seek an understanding of how english major students view the spocapproach in the english major writing course as well as to identify students’perceptions and attitudes in the spoc flipped learning environment, tworesearch questions guided the study:

  • what are the english major students’ perceptions of the spocembedded flipped classroom model used in the writing course?

  • what are the perceived benefits in terms of their englishwriting skills and overall learning ability?


    3. 研究计划与安排

    before 28th, feb settlementof the title

    before 10th, mar submissionof the outline

    before 20 th, april submission of the first draft


    4. 参考文献(12篇以上)


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