On Jane Eyre's contradictory characteristics 对于简爱矛盾性格的剖析开题报告

 2020-02-18 06:02

1. 研究目的与意义(文献综述)

《jane eyre》was written by novelist charlotte bronte and was one of the finest novels of the victorian era. it has been a long time that western countries have been deeply influenced by christianity, and there is a traditional idea in people's minds that women are a rib in a man, that is, women are subordinate to men. this notion is ingrained and dominates the entire western society. but jane eyre loudly announced: "i am not an angel, i am my own!”. this announcement broke the traditional female sky.

in most people's eyes, jane eyre is a rebellious woman. for the sake of women's dignity and equality, she fought like a fearless warrior. however, when analyzing jane eyre's character from another angle, we can explore some contradictions. in fact, jane eyre also has her fragile side. jane eyre has an inferiority complex at the same time. she is not satisfied with her own appearance, dissatisfied with her own status and discontent with her own property.

analyzing on jane eyre’s contradictory characteristics can broaden our horizons and we will have a new different understanding of jane eyre. at the same time, it also advises women who are fighting for gender equality: even in a modern society where women's status has improved, there is still a long way to go to win true equality, because conservative customs are ingrained. women should be braver and more persevering in resisting overwhelming and unreasonable customs.


2. 研究的基本内容与方案

i hope to use this opportunity to write a paper, on the basis of learning from previous studies, to explore the diversity of the protagonist jane eyre's personality, and further analysis on jane eyre's dual personality characteristics.

through jane eyre's reaction of the events, the environment, as well as her behavior, and dialogue with others, further analysis of jane eyre's dual character characteristics. this paper discusses the duality of jane eyre's character from the following aspects, such as inferiority and self-esteem, obedience and resistance, conservatism and innovation and the cause of jane eyre's dual personality traits.


3. 研究计划与安排

before 1st january : settlement of the title

before 1st march: submission of the outline

before 15th april : submission of the first draft


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