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对3ds Max 2012回顾外文翻译资料

 2023-01-31 11:01  

3ds Max 2012 Review

Autodesk recently released new versions of their popular 3d packages including a new version of 3ds Max. 3ds Max is available as a stand-alone package or as part of the Entertainment Creation Suite bundled with Mudbox, MotionBuilder, and Softimage. Now that 3ds Max is available as part of suite, we are starting to see features that make it easier to work across the suite packages. Within 3ds Max 2012 are several options in the File menu that let you send the current scene to Mudbox, MotionBuilder, or to the ICE interface of Softimage. This is a huge efficiency gain for artists that use these packages.

Another big change for 2012 is that 3ds Max has adopted the darker color scheme as the default. This darker scheme provides less eye strain when using the software over an extended period of time.

Nitrous Viewports and Non-Photorealistic Rendering

One of the biggest initiatives that the Max team has been working on lately is to increase the speed, features and ability of the viewport rendering system. If details such as textures, shadows and even ambient occlusion can be rendered in the viewports, then there is no need to do repeated test renders, thus saving time and processor cycles.

The new Nitrous display drivers are optimized to take advantage of the new accelerated GPUs and multi-core processors by threading the rendering process independent of the interface, which results in much faster renders than the older DirectX drivers and they enable a host of features including unlimited lights, soft shadows, transparency and ambient occlusion.

The Nitrous drivers also use a progressive refinement technique that quickly updates the viewport with a close approximation as you navigate the scene and then refines the display quality when you stop or pause. By displaying even the approximated view, the scene maintains its visual fidelity and lets you make informed decisions without having to wait for a complete render.

The new Nitrous drivers also let you select and render directly in the viewport several stylized, non-photorealistic rendering options including Graphite, Colored Pencil, Ink, Color Ink, Acrylic, Pastel and Tech. Figure 1 shows a rendering using Color Ink and Colored Pencils rendering methods.

Figure 1: Using the Nitrous display drivers, you can switch to stylized rendering options like Colored Ink and Pencil.

PhysXs MassFX Tools

The new MassFX rigid-body simulation system is based on NVIDIAs PhysX engine and replaces the reactor physics system found in previous versions of Max. The benefits of the MassFX system are better accuracy, improved integration with Maxs existing animation features and the ability to see the results directly in the viewport.

The MassFX system supports static, dynamic and kinematic rigid bodies, which makes it easy to integrate with existing keyframed objects. It also supports a large number of constraints including Rigid, Slide, Hinge, Twist, Universal, Ball amp; Socket, and Gear. Each constraints is positioned and oriented using visual gizmos that make it easy to place them just right.

The system also includes a Freeze mode that prevents the objects from settling when the simulation starts. This is helpful to keep rows of dominos from accidentally starting before they should and eliminates the need for exact precise placement.

Figure 2 shows a brick wall in the desert created using the MassFX system. A cannonball is fired at the wall and rigid body dynamics control where the bricks fly during the simulation.

Figure 2: The destruction of this brick wall uses the MassFX simulation system to animate the bricks movements.

Substance Procedural Textures

For 3d graphics and models intended for the Web or for games, the Substance textures are very helpful. These procedural textures can be used to texture a scene with infinite variety without the overhead of large bitmaps. Substance textures are only a fraction of the size of normal textures, which makes them easier to download and use without sacrificing quality. And since the textures are procedurally based, you can quickly randomize any applied textures to add variety to the scene without having to create or load an entirely new bitmap.

3ds Max ships with 80 custom Substance textures including asphalt, concrete, corrugated metal, grass, road, bricks, stones, wood and diamond plate. More textures can be purchased from the Allegorithmic web site, the company behind the Substance technology.

Allegorithmic also makes a middleware utility, called Air, that can export Substance textures to the various game engines including Unreal Engine 3, Emergents Gamebryo and Unity. Figure 3 shows several of the default Substance textures.

Figure 3: Substance textures are only a fraction of the size of normal bitmap textures

Redesigned UV Editor and the Peel Tools

The UV Editor in 3ds Max wasnt the easiest of panels to figure out, but the new redesigned panel is easier to grasp with buttons and icons instead of menus. It also includes the new Peel tools for unwrapping complex models quickly.

The new Peel tools are based on the Least Square Conformal Maps (LSCM) unwrapping method. They work by letting you drag and stretch out areas of the mesh and all attached polygons follow and flatten out like laying a fishing net out on the ground. You can also place pins to hold certain areas while moving others.

The UV Editor also includes some new grouping tools that let you group sets of UV spaces together so they mov


对3ds Max 2012回顾


Autodesk 最近发布了包括3ds Max 在内的最新版3d软件包。3ds Max 是独立的安装包或是作为捆绑着Mudbox, Motion Builder和 Softimage等娱乐创作套件的一部分。目前,3ds Max作为可用套装的一部分,通过这个套装此软件有着易工作的特征。在3ds Max 2012的文件菜单中有几个选项,它可以把当前场景输送到Mudbox, MotionBuilder或 Softimage的界面。这对于他们的使用者是非常大的影响。
3ds Max 2012另一个打的改变是可以把深色背景最为它的默认值。深色背景可以减少眼睛疲劳当长时间使用时。

最近Max团队一直攻克的最大的障碍是提高二维呈现系统的速度、特征和能力。如果纹理, 阴影甚至环境光吸收等细节在视角中已经被渲染,那么这就没需要重复渲染了,因此节约了时间和处理器周期。
这新的二维驱动器有着新加速的gpu 和单线程独立渲染表面的处理器,它的效果比旧的DirectX驱动渲染的更快和有着体积光, 柔和材质, 透明度和环境光吸收等大量的特征。


PhysX的 MassFX 工具

新的 MassFX 刚体动力学系统 是基于 NVIDIAs PhysX 物理引擎工具的,替代了 先前的Max版本中反应堆物理系统。MassFX 系统的优点是更好的精度, 改进 结合 Maxs 目前的动画(features)特征 (and)和 直接在视口中看到结果的功能。

MassFX系统支持静态、动态和运动学刚体,这使得它很容易与现有的关键帧对象整合。它还支持大量的约束包括刚性,滑块,转枢,扭曲、通用、球和管套,和齿轮。每个约束定位的和定向的使用视觉装置,这样它就可以很容易地把他们固定好。该系统还包括一个冻结模式,阻止来自模拟仿真开始的安排的对象。有助于 保持多米诺骨牌意外起动前它们消除精密布局要求的需要。



Substance Procedural 纹理

3ds Max 80自定义纹理船舶物质包括沥青、混凝土、金属波纹、草、路、砖、石、木材和钻石板。更多的纹理可以从Allegorithmic网站购买的,该公司以物质技术建立的。

Allegorithmic也制造一种中间件的效用,被称为空气,可以出口物质纹理到各种游戏引擎:虚幻3引擎,Emergents 的Gamebryo引擎和Unity引擎。图3显示了几个默认的物质纹理。


重新设计的 UV 编辑器和剥离工具

在3ds Max里的UV编辑器面板不容易理解,但新的重新设计的面板更容易掌握,它用按钮和图标来代替菜单。它还包括新的剥离工具,用于展开复杂模型。



iray 渲染器
mental ray渲染器是3ds Max的一个很好的补充,但它配置出好的结果真的是一个繁重的工作。3ds Max 2012还包括新的Iray渲染器作为 对 mental ray 渲染器的补充。这个渲染器也由意象创造,是发布mental ray的公司发行的,它采取的猜测配置渲染。
对于iray,你只要告诉它开始,它就会自动处理最终聚集和反射光给它最好的结果,只要给它时间。 对于iray设置很简单:告诉它多久来渲染,多少次迭代(或通过)使或仅仅把它设置成无限和在它足够好时停止它。Iray不断地调整图像到指定的时间或将达到或直到用户停止的过程。Iray渲染器是特别大的场景,包括多个灯、反射、辐射和反射光的影响。




Iray渲染器在使用有NVIDIA CUDA的硬件时,将充分利用多核处理器和优化加速。

2012另一个变化是,3ds max帮助文件现在张贴在HTML格式的autodesk.com网站上。这确保了最新的信息可供用户使用。它也减少了安装的大小,不需要帮助文件被包含。如果你还想要一个本地拷贝,你可以下载一个版本到你的硬盘。虽然我很欣赏这个更新的信息,但我发现在繁忙时间访问的时候,要下载的每一个帮助页面都要下载一次,我觉得很痛苦。




3ds max 2012是一个巨大的飞跃的软件。随着时间的推移,我们看到革命的特征反应器仿真系统和视口渲染被逐步淘汰有利于更好、更强大的系统,如MassFX模拟系统和氮视窗显示驱动程序。这一进化轨迹对用户来说是好消息。

此外,3ds Max继续添加最新和最新技术的软件如allegorithmic的物质材质。在这种方式中,使用内部和外部来源的软件提高。
3ds Max可以作为一个独立的产品或作为娱乐创作套件的一部分,和Mudbox,MotionBuilder和Softimage捆绑在一起。访问Autodesk的网站最大的产品页面可以得到3ds Max 2012的更多信息。

对3ds Max 2013的回顾



3ds Max 2013可以作为一个独立的软件包或作为一套工具,这是第一次,Autodesk还提供一个最终的套件,包括3ds max和maya一起其他的套件包。这为艺术家提供了一个解决方案,让他们选择最佳的工具为了手头的任务,而不是决定在该项目的开始时选择哪种安装包。

3ds Max 2013版本包括,像往常一样,一长串的游戏,新的和改进的功能设计,可视化和CAD用户。对于游戏开发者来说,有很多改进的重点是使其更容易比以往任何时候都与角色和设计用户,功能,如支持多个计算机辅助设计格式的支持是一个非常必要的补充。

每一个版本都包含很多小的变化和几个主要的版本。也许最大的一个与这个版本是新的状态集界面。使用这个界面,您可以记录一组特定的启用设置,可以在需要时立即被召回。例如,你可以记录一个状态集与一个非真实感渲染选项,如彩色铅笔启用,另一个状态集可以显示现场使用默认扫描线渲染器和三分之一个状态集可以使用mental ray的设置。当向客户介绍现场时,这些状态中的每一个都要被迅速地想起来说清楚。

另一种使用状态集的方法是设置几个不同的渲染通道。这些状态可以是嵌套的,并且可以在一个批处理中容易地呈现出所有状态命令。状态集界面还包括排序视图(图1所示),显示了每个状态作为一个节点的连接线,所以你可以很容易地想象复合图像放在一起。甚至有一个选项, 如果你想在3ds Max做基本的合成,再合成中可以添加颜色正确的节点。

该界面还允许用一个连接链接将数据实时传输到Autodesk烟雾,Adobe After Effects或Adobe PS图象处理软件。一旦3DS MAX和合成软件之间建立链接,可以调相机、灯光、空对象,平面物体,混合模式,不透明度和两个程序之间的影响。




Nitrous 的改进

在3ds Max中以前的版本中,你不得不去界面的不同地方取决于你使用的是一个环境地图或背景图像变化的背景。一个在这个版本的视窗的变化地方所有这些控件在视图菜单在一个单一的菜单。这些相同的命令也可以从视口标签很容易转换背景的访问。视图可以使用垂直梯度为背景。


iray和 mental ray 的改进
3ds Max 2013还包括iray2.1的最新版本。这个更新的版本,你可以使一个窗口提供实时交互渲染结果在iray,如图2所示。的Iray渲染器还包括一个新的硬件资源部署,告诉你可以渲染处理器的数量并让你分配使用的处理器数生产绘制,为着色渲染的用户数量,以及有多少离开的接口。这让您可以最大限度地利用项目的最终渲染处理能力。


Mental ray也已升级到3.10版本。


迁移CAT 特征到MotionBuilder

2013版本中可以通过使用简单的菜单视角把数据在Maya, Softimage, MotionBuilder和Mudbox 进行传递,这是一个大的特征以及新的视角已经被增加在这个版本的列表中。3ds Max 中的数据文件可以通过一个简单的单击被发送到Autodesk Infra结构 Modeler。



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