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JSP的技术发展史 Servlet和jsp技术的综述外文翻译资料

 2022-09-18 05:09  


An Overview of Servlet and JSP Technology

By:Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates,Nagle ,Wiegley

Source: Servletamp;JSP

Abstract: Servlet program running in the server-side, dynamically generated Web page with the traditional CGI and many other similar compared to CGI technology, Java Servlet with a more efficient, easier to use, more powerful and has better portability, more savings to invest. .

The Java Server Pages( JSP) is a kind of according to web of the script plait distance technique, similar carries the script language of Java in the server of the Netscape company of server- side JavaScript( SSJS) and the Active Server Pages(ASP) of the Microsoft. JSP compares the SSJS and ASP to have better can expand sex, and it is no more exclusive than any factory or some one particular server of Web. Though the norm of JSP is to be draw up by the Sun company of, any factory can carry out the JSP on own system.

Keywords: JSP Technology;Servlet;HTTP server


The JSP(Java Server Pages) is from the company of Sun Microsystems initiate, the many companies the participate to the build up the together of the a kind the of dynamic the state web the page technique standard, the it have the it in the construction the of the dynamic state the web page the strong but the do not the especially of the function. JSP and the technique of ASP of the Microsoft is very alike. Both all provide the ability that mixes with a certain procedure code and is explain by the language engine to carry out the procedure code in the code of HTML. Underneath we are simple of carry on the introduction to it.

JSP pages are translated into servlets. So, fundamentally, any task JSP pages can perform could also be accomplished by servlets. However, this underlying equivalence does not mean that servlets and JSP pages are equally appropriate in all scenarios. The issue is not the power of the technology, it is the convenience, productivity, and maintainability of one or the other. After all, anything you can do on a particular computer platform in the Java programming language you could also do in assembly language. But it still matters which you choose.

JSP provides the following benefits over servlets alone:

bull; It is easier to write and maintain the HTML. Your static code is ordinary HTML: no extra backslashes, no double quotes, and no lurking Java syntax.

bull; You can use standard Web-site development tools. Even HTML tools that know nothing about JSP can be used because they simply ignore the JSP tags.

bull; You can divide up your development team. The Java programmers can work on the dynamic code. The Web developers can concentrate on the presentation layer. On large projects, this division is very important. Depending on the size of your team and the complexity of your project, you can enforce a weaker or stronger separation between the static HTML and the dynamic content.

Now, this discussion is not to say that you should stop using servlets and use only JSP instead. By no means. Almost all projects will use both. For some requests in your project, you will use servlets. For others, you will use JSP. For still others, you will combine them with the MVC architecture . You want the appropriate tool for the job, and servlets, by themselves, do not complete your toolkit.


The technique of JSP of the company of Sun, making the page of Web develop the personnel can use the HTML perhaps marking of XML to design to turn the end page with format. Use the perhaps small script future life of marking of JSP becomes the dynamic state on the page contents.( the contents changes according to the claim of)

The Java Servlet is a technical foundation of JSP, and the large Web applies the development of the procedure to need the Java Servlet to match with with the JSP and then can complete, this name of Servlet comes from the Applet, the local translation method of now is a lot of, this book in order not to misconstruction, decide the direct adoption Servlet but dont do any translation, if reader would like to, can call it as' small service procedure'. The Servlet is similar to traditional CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI etc. Web procedure development the function of the tool in fact, at use the Java Servlet hereafter, the customer need not use again the lowly method of CGI of efficiency, also need not use only the ability come to born page of Web of dynamic state in the method of API that a certain fixed Web server terrace circulate. Many servers of Web all support the Servlet, even not support the Servlet server of Web directly and can also pass the additional applied server and the mold pieces to support the Servlet. Receive benefit in the characteristic of the Java cross-platform, the Servlet is also a terrace irrelevant, actually, as long as match the norm of Java Servlet, the Servlet is complete to have nothing to do with terrace and is to have nothing to do with server of Web. Because the Java Servlet is internal to provide the service by the line distance, need not start a progress to the each claimses, and make use of the multi-threading mechanism can at the same time for several claim service, therefore the efficiency of Java Servlet is very high.

But the Java Servlet also is not to has no weakness, similar to traditional CGI, ISAPI, the NSAPI method, the Java Servlet is to make use of to output the HTML language sentence to carry out the dynamic state web page of, if develop the whole website with the Java Servlet, the integration process of the dynamic state part and the static state page is an evil-foreboding dream simply. For solving this kind of weakness of the Java Servlet, the SUN released the JSP.

A Servlets Job

Servlets are Java programs that run on Web or application servers, a




作者:Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates, Nagle Wiegly


摘要:servlet程序运行在服务器端,与传统的CGI和许多其他类似CGI的技术相比,java servlet动态生成的页面具有更高的效率,更容易使用,功能更强大的特点,并且有更好的可移植性,更节省投资。

Java server pages(jsp)是一种基于web的脚本编程技术,类似于网景公司的服务器端java脚本语言——server-side javascript(ssjs)和微软的active server pages(asp)。与ssjs和asp相比,JSP具有更好的可扩展性,并且它不专属于任何一家厂商或某一特定的Web服务器。尽管JSP规范是由Sun公司制定的,但任何厂商都可以在自己的系统上实现JSP。

关键字:jsp 技术;servlet;http server

1 概述

JSP(Java Server Pages)是由Sun Microsystems公司倡导、许多公司参与建立的一种动态网页技术标准,它在动态网页的建设中有其强大而特别的功能。JSP与Microsoft的ASP技术非常相似。两者都提供在HTML代码中混合某种代码、由语言引擎解释执行程序代码的能力。下面我们对它进行简单的介绍。









Java Servlet是JSP技术的基础,而且大型的Web应用程序的开发需要Java Servlet和JSP配合才能完成,Servlet这个名称源于Applet,现在国内的翻译方式很多,本书为了避免误会,决定直接采用Servlet而不做任何翻译,读者如果愿意,可以称之为“小服务程序”。Servlet其实和传统的CGI、ISAPI、NSAPI等Web程序开发工具的作用是相似的,在使用Java Servlet以后,用户不必再使用效率低下的CGI方式,也不必使用只能在某个固定Web服务器平台运行的API方式来动态生成Web页面。许多Web服务器都支持Servlet,即使不直接支持Servlet的Web服务器也可以通过附加的应用服务器和模块来支持Servlet。得益于Java的跨平台的特性,Servlet也是平台无关的,实际上,只要符合Java Servlet规范,Servlet是完全与平台无关且是与Web服务器无关的。由于Java Servlet内部是以线程方式提供服务,不必对于每个请求都启动一个进程,并且利用多线程机制可以同时为多个请求服务,因此Java Servlet效率非常高。

但Java Servlet也不是没有缺点,和传统的CGI、ISAPI、NSAPI方式相同,Java Servlet是利用输出HTML语句来实现动态网页的,如果用Java Servlet来开发整个网站,动态部分和静态页面的整合过程会非常难以实现。为了解决Java Servlet的这种缺点,SUN推出了JSP。

  1. Servlet的功能

Servlets是运行在Web或应用服务器上的Java程序,它是一个中间层,负责连接来自Web浏览器或其他HTTP客户端和HTTP服务器上的数据库或应用程序。Servlet的工作是执行下面的任务,如图1-1所示 。

图1-1 网页的中间角色

3.1 读取客户端发送的显式数据。


3.2 读取由浏览器发送的隐式请求数据。


    1. 生成结果。


    1. 向客户发送显式数据(即文档)。


    1. 发送隐式的HTTP响应数据。


4 动态构建网页的原因


4.1 网页基于客户发送的数据。


4.2 页面由频繁改变的数据导出。


4.3 页面中使用了来自公司数据库或其他数据库断数据源的信息。


理论上讲,servlet并非只用于处理HTTP请求的Web服务器或应用服务器,它同样可以用于其他类型的服务器。例如,servlet能够嵌入到FTP或邮件服务器中,扩展他们的功能。而且,用于会话启动协议服务器的servlet API最近已经被标准化(参见http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=116)。但在实践中,servlet的这种用法尚不流行,在此,我们只论述HTTP Servlet。

  1. Servlet相对于“传统”CGI的优点

和传统CGI及许多类CGI技术相比,Java servlet更高效、更易用、更强大、更容易移植、更安全、也更廉价。

5.1 高效


    1. 便利

Servlet提供大量的基础构造,可以自动分析和解码HTML的表单数据,读取和设置HTTP报头,处理cookie,跟踪会话,以及其他此类高级功能。而在CGI中,大部分工作都需要我们资金完成。另外,如果您已经了解了Java编程语言,为什么还有学校Perl呢?您已经承认应用Java技术编写的代码要比Visual Basic,VBScript或C++编写的代码更可靠,且更易重用,为什么还有倒退回去选择那些语言来开发服务器端的程序呢?




Servlet使用Java编程语言,并且遵循标准的API。所有主要的Web服务器。实际上都直接或通过插件支持servlet。因此。为Macromedia JRun编写的servlet,可以不经过任何修改地在Apache Tomcat,Microsoft Internet Information Server,IBM WebSphere,iPlanet Enterprise Serve,Oracle9i AS 或者StrNine WebStar上运行。他们是java2平台企业版的一部分,所以对servlet的支持越来越普遍。








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